Chevrolet Dashboard Warning Lights

Usually when you see a dashboard warning light come on, panic ensues. Most drivers begin to imagine costly repairs and lost time with your Chevrolet sedan, crossover or truck. However, not every warning light that illuminates is the bearer of bad omens or major malfunctions. Most of the time, a warning light illuminating is just there to tell you what systems are in use. To learn more about these tricky indicators, let’s explore the Chevrolet warning lights and their meanings below.




Check Engine

This light will illuminate when your car’s computer senses an abnormality in the engine. This will light up for a range of issues from engine trouble to simply not turning your gas cap tight enough. However, If the light begins to flash, you should schedule vehicle service immediately. Visit with the Henna Chevrolet service team to learn the reason why.



Coolant Temperature

This signal will light up to warn the driver about an overheating engine. This could be a lack of coolant or a loose radiator cap. We recommend you bring your vehicle in for service to make sure there isn’t an issue with the radiator.



Oil Pressure Warning

When driving, if this dash light comes on and stays lit, it is an indicator that your vehicle is losing oil pressure. You should immediately stop when you can and check the oil levels of your car.



Service Vehicle Soon

Typically, this indicator will illuminate when a lighting or other electrical problem occurs. You should check all lights including the headlights, turn signals, brake lights and hazard lights for a loose wire or a bad bulb.




When the Chevrolet battery warning light comes on while driving, it is an indicator that your vehicle’s charging system has failed and the battery is no longer charging power. If this happens, you should turn off all non-essential electrical systems and have the vehicle serviced as soon as possible.     




If this light comes on while driving, it could be the indicator of a few things. It could mean that your parking brake is still on, and you should quickly turn it off. Or, it could mean that your brake fluid is too low and there is a brake system issue.




This light will come on when you begin your Chevrolet’s startup system before shutting off. It is an indicator that your Anti-Lock Brake Systems are currently working. If the system stays on, it means there is a fault in the system and you should have it serviced soon.    



Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

This system helps stabilize your vehicle when traction may be an issue. When you see this indicator flashing, it is a sign that your system is actively engaged and working.



Tire Pressure Monitor

This light will illuminate for a few seconds when you start the car before going out. If the light comes one while you are driving, it is indicating that one or more of your tires is significantly low on air. You should inflate your tires as soon as possible.    




You will find this indicator on all Chevrolet vehicles that come with a theft deterrent system. This indicator light will come on during the startup sequence before going out. If the light stays on, there is an issue with the Immobilizer and the anti-theft system.



Cruise Control

You can turn this indicator on by activating cruise control, usually through the cars steering wheel. When the light is white, it means the system is ready. When the light is green, the cruise control system is active.   



Airbag Warning

This is another light that will come on during your ignition sequence, then immediately go out. If the light comes on while driving, it means an electrical fault has been detected within the airbag system. Please see a service technician to determine the extent of the problem.



Door Ajar

This signal will let you know that one of your vehicle’s doors is ajar. Please check all the doors to make sure they are properly closed.  



Traction Control System (TCS)

Your Traction Control System will help reduce the chances of your vehicle tires spinning out when in slippery conditions. If you see this symbol while driving, it means that the driver has turned off the system.



Seat Belt

This light will come on during your Chevrolet’s startup sequence. It will stay on and chime as long as the driver and passengers have their seatbelts unfastened.  


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