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April is National Car Care Month and we’re here to celebrate it because vehicle safety and care are our number one priority! From advanced Safety features on our newer models to Teen Driver technology, we have you covered for care from every angle. We promote safe driving habits and are proud to celebrate National Car Care Month.

The Car Care Council promotes car care and preventative maintenance every April. It’s a great month to bring this to your attention because winter has finally come to an end so the road hazards and wear and tear from those conditions have passed. The biggest causes for concern during the spring in central Texas are wet roads and foggy mornings. With April showers on the way, make sure you check your tires, brakes, and windshield wipers.

Basic preventative maintenance goes a long way to improve the dependability of your car or truck. It can also help you avoid costly repairs, as your vehicle gets older. Be sure to schedule with our Service Department if your vehicle needs any work or preventative maintenance.

If you have teenage kids that are driving, we recommend you check out our built-in-system on newer models called Teen Driver. You can set speed alerts and even volume limits for when your teen is behind the wheel. This incredible technology also provides an in-vehicle report card so you can track their performance and provide guidance for safer driving. Most Chevrolet models offer Teen Driver Technology from the Cruze to Camaro to Colorado to our Silverado models and more. Visit Henna Chevrolet today so you can learn more about this ingenious technology.

This year, Chevrolet won the 2018 NHTSA 5-Star overall vehicle score for many different models! We take a smarter approach to safety. Chevrolet stands by the philosophy of “prevent, protect respond.” Our prevention technology includes Lane Keep Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alerts, and Forward Safety Awareness. In the unfortunate event of a collision, our protective safety features help absorb and dissipate impact energy. We also have innovative air bag technologies as an extra layer of protection. In response to collisions, Chevy drivers can be protected with the safety and support of OnStar Automatic Crash Response. Talk to us today about this added benefit.

Be safe on the roads and keep up with regular preventative vehicle maintenance!

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