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It’s the time of year when your teenager celebrates prom with their date and friends, and classmates. It’s a time to dress up, dance the night away, and experience a small taste of freedom and a night out away from the ‘rents. Your son or daughter has probably asked if they can borrow your ride to impress their date or drive their group of friends to dinner and the big dance. To celebrate safe, your teen driver must also drive safe. Check out these safe-driving tips you can share with your teen before prom night.

1. Start with a conversation.
Before handing over the keys to your ride, have a conversation and set up expectations for safe driving and overall rules for the night. Remind them of the dangers of drinking and driving, or being distracted on the roadways with their date or friends in the car. Don’t be afraid to have these serious discussions with your teen and make sure they understand the implications of a night gone wrong.

2. Limit the number of friends allowed in the vehicle.
You may need to set limits for your teen on the number of friends they can have in the car or truck with them. Distracted driving among teens is a leading cause of car accidents. You know your teenager best so you can set the limit you feel comfortable with.

3. Don’t drink and drive or get in a car with someone who drank.
Everyone thinks that an accident caused by being drunk won’t happen to them or their teenagers. On the contrary, more than 10,000 people are killed and 350,000 are injured every year as a result of drunk driving. Even if your child is not the driver, give them a pass and do not punish them if they text or call you asking for a ride. Have a no questions asked policy for prom night if your teen asks you for a ride.

4. Do not use your cell phone while driving.
If you have the capability to disable your teen’s phone while behind the wheel, use it. Let your teenager know that texting and driving will not be tolerated. Using a cell phone and texting while driving can impair your concentration just as much as someone who has been drinking. Unfortunately, texting and driving have led to teen deaths. In addition to being unsafe, it’s also against the law!

5. Follow the speed limits and watch for pedestrians.
Many teenagers involved in car accidents were speeding at the time it occurred. While breaking the speed limit is illegal, it is also very dangerous. The excitement of prom can lead to speeding without even realizing it. Make sure you tell your child to watch their speed, take it easy, and follow all traffic laws. It’s also good to remind them to drive slowly when they approach the prom venue because their fellow students will be getting in and out of their vehicles to attend the big dance.

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